Swing Gate Openers

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There are many different types of swing gate openers on the market today. Electric swing gate openers are powered by batteries that are charged continuously, and they are typically the most reliable type of gate opener. Solar swing gate openers are powered by a solar panel, and they are a good choice for driveway gates that are located in sunny areas. Phone app can control your gate openers and they offer a convenient way to open and close your gates. Keypads offer a secure way to control access to your property. Clickers in your car can open your swing gate, and they offer a convenient way to open your gates from inside your car. No matter what your needs, AGC can help you with a swing gate opener that is perfect for you.

  • Solar Gate Openers:  Solar driveway gate openers are a great way to automate the process of opening and closing your gate. Solar gate openers use a solar panel to charge a battery, which powers the motor that operates the gate. Solar gate openers are very convenient because they do not require an external power source. Solar gate openers are becoming increasingly popular because they are more environmentally friendly than traditional gate opener systems. The solar panel must be facing the sun in order to charge the battery. Most solar gate opener systems can be equipped with a battery maintainer that helps to keep the battery charged during periods of extended cloudy weather. Solar gate openers are a great way to save energy and money while still getting the convenience of an automated gate opener system.
  • Electric Gate Openers: Electric gate openers are a great way to add security and convenience to your home. They are powered by batteries which are recharged and replenished from the electricity of your home, and they come with a variety of features that can make them even more convenient to use. Some electric gate openers come with keypads that can be used to enter a code and open the gate, while others have timers that can be set to automatically open or close the gate after a certain period of time. There are also exit loops that can be installed near the gate so that you can open it without having to press any buttons. Electric gate openers are a great way to add convenience and security to your home.
  • Commercial Gate Openers: Commercial gate openers are designed to provide security and access control for businesses, schools, and other organizations. There are a variety of commercial gate opener models available, each with different features and benefits. Commercial gate openers use an articulating arm which allows for the opening and closing of commercial swing gates. The motor is much stronger that what may be used upon a residential gate. The system can be equipped with access control, keypad and clickers for entry. A exit loop and safety lop is usually paired with this system to make for a better experience for the business or for commercial usage.
  • Residential Gate Openers: When it comes to residential gate openers, there are a few different styles to choose from. Some brands such as Liftmaster use a short arm actuator and other brands such as American Armor or Apollo use a long arm actuator. There are benefits to each system. A short arm actuator system has better mounting and installation options whereas a long arm actuator is better suited for bigger, heavier gates that need better control and more power to open the gate. Consulting with the gate experts at Automatic Gate Company, will get you the right opener for your gate.