Automatic Gate Repair

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When you have an automatic gate at your business or residential property it adds increased security to your property. You can control access of who can come onto the property including residents and/or employees. Automatic gates are relatively easy to maintain, yet they do malfunction at times due to wear and tear which accumulates over time. Occasionally, an unexpected accident can also lead to different types of problems with your automatic gate. A gate that cannot open on demand requires a quick solution even if you’re not in a hurry right now. When an emergency occurs, it is very important that you have the capability to enter or exit the property quickly and safely. Some common issues that can cause your automatic gate to require repairs include some of the following.

  • Worn Out Gate Hinges:  Worn out gate hinges are problematic and indicate a sign of excessive use. If not taken care of properly, this will cause issues with the ability of your swing gate to open properly when opening or closing. Quick repairs are advised before it turns into something even worse. Squeaking noises from your gate hinges and/or gate that does not swing freely indicates worn out hinges in many cases. Sometimes the squeaking sound can be a matter of needing lubrication. Dependent upon their condition, you should consider replacing the gate hinges if lubrication alone is not enough to resolve the problem.
  • Gate Sensor Issues: Sensor issues can cause your automatic gate to act up and stop working properly. Gates can act up due to faulty photo eyes that need to be replaced or it can simply be a matter of a misalignment. A broken antenna or faulty sensor can prevent a gate from opening or closing. Safety and exit loops can have a short in the wiring causing the gate to malfunction. This issue may not be so easy to diagnose, but a trained professional technician from Automatic Gate Company will be able to inspect and offer a quick and permanent solution.
  • Gate Arm Alignment: The gate arm is an important part of the gate operator system, and proper alignment is essential for smooth operation. If the gate arm is not properly aligned, it can cause binding, noises, and premature wear. Additionally, a misaligned gate arm can cause the entire gate operator system to malfunction. The first step in aligning the gate arm is to level the frame. Once the frame is level, the actuator can be properly positioned. The actuator should be flush with the side of the frame, and the rod should be perpendicular to the ground. These steps should be completed by a company such as Automatic Gate Company and then the gate arm will be properly aligned, and the gate operator system will function correctly.
  • Automatic Gate Tracks: Since automatic gates can have significant weight, it is a good idea to have the tracks inspected to make sure they are in proper working order.  Electric gates and automatic gates are used for residential as well as for commercial use. Sticks, stones, leaves are a few of the obstructions that could cause the gate to stick, keeping the motor from working smoothly. Sometimes a simple trick to handle automatic gate repair is a garden broom which will do the trick in removing them.
  • Automatic Gate Opener Problems: If your gate seems to turn on and attempts to activate but fails to move the gate or performs it too slowly, you could have a problem with the gate motor. It is important that the gate opener or gate motor is properly matched to the gate it will open and close. Sometimes companies match an underpowered gate opener with the gate when they do a gate install trying to cut costs to secure a job. This is more common that one might think. When the wrong kind of gate opener is installed onto a gate that is too large or heavy for its motor, the device is likely to struggle with the gate that is too big or heavy for that specific motor or opener. With time it can weaken and eventually fail to open the gate at all. Often the gate opener simply needs to be replaced with a gate opener with a motor that is better suited for the automatic driveway gate in mind.