Commercial Gate Repair

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Commercial gates typically provide a level of security for your business or gated community and are considered a necessity. It is very important to maintain your commercial driveway gate and the different working components such as photo eyes, exit loops, keypads so it functions well for many years of service. Automatic Gate Company provides tech services for many different problems that may happen for your gated community, business with your slide gate or swing gate. When you need service, it is best to call AGC to have one of our expert technician’s dispatched to determine the extent of the damage if for example someone has run into your gate. You may have other problems that may involve the gate motor or potential electrical issues of which our experienced technicians can diagnose the problem properly and find the best solution for your specific gate. It is the technician’s goal to trouble-shoot any problems quickly and accurately to get your gate operating as soon as possible. AGC carries portable welding rigs to be able to tackle just about any problem they come across on-site, if possible, to keep from having to remove the broken gate for repairs which can cause a delay of the repair. In certain instances, the commercial gate must be removed due to excess wear and tear or possible accident involving a vehicle causing significant damages. In these cases, we can restore the gate back to optimal operating condition or we can fabricate a new gate to replace the damaged gate. Many times, when a new gate is needed to replace a damaged gate, the new gate is fabricated by Automatic Gate Company in our shop, transported to your location and installed in one day. Give us a call if you need repairs or a new gate fabricated. We are here to help.

  • Driveway Gate Maintenance:  Regular gate service is a critical part of automatic gate maintenance. A typical commercial gate should be serviced once or twice a year dependent upon traffic and usage. Our technician can set limits for the gate, clean any corrosion buildup that may occur, adjust the chain and lubricate it. An inspection by one of our technicians is always a great idea as we can provide a report of your driveway gates health. Preventative maintenance can help keep your commercial gate in good working order preventing headaches that occur due to breakdowns. If a business or community uses the gate frequently, such as with a gated community, then it will need more regular servicing to keep it in good condition. Automatic Gate Company can help setup a maintenance schedule for your automatic gate. 
  • Driveway Gate Longevity: When a driveway gate is maintenanced on a regular basis, they can last for up to 20 years or even longer in certain cases. A business or even HOA that serves a community should prioritize regular servicing as a plan for good gate maintenance. HOA fees usually are collected to help maintain driveway gates and a service plan can help keep the gates in great working condition and you can expect their gate or gates to last for much longer than if servicing is neglected. When neglect to the gate happens the life span of the gate is shortened substantially. In this way a budget for gate service by your business or HOA ends up being less expensive in the long run.
  • Gate Aesthetics: A business or HOA likes to have their gates looking clean and in good working condition. Regular gate inspections and service can help with the aesthetics and overall safety and convenience of a operational driveway gate. In cases of rust buildup or worn weld joints, it is a best practice to give us a call to come out and address these issues right away. What may be purely a aesthetic issue can quickly become an operational or safety problem. A gates appearance is important to help preserve the image of your community or business. A driveway gate is often considered to be the front door for many HOA communities and businesses, so keeping it in good condition with regular servicing and maintenance is certainly worthwhile.
  • Driveway Gate Safety: Gate service on a regular basis is very important for many reasons. Safety features of your gate should be inspected to make sure they are in proper working condition. When a gate is neglected and not serviced regularly the problems can become much worse resulting in expensive repairs and safety hazards. Frequent service is the best practice when you have a commercial gate upon your property for the safety of employees or residents. For top-quality automatic gates for your home or business, Automatic Gate Company is the logical choice so please give us a call.