Damaged Gate Repair

Is your gate damaged and in need of repair?

Dragging Gate Repair

Is your gate dragging on the driveway?

Gate Repainting

Does your gate need to be repainted?

Crashed or damaged gate

Is your automatic gate damaged? A damaged gate can often be repaired for much less than the price of replacing the gate. The photo above shows a gate that was damaged such that it was barely functional. We visited with the client and suggested a repair rather than the expense of replacing the gate.

crashed gate after

Here is the gate after we repaired it. We were able to straighten the gate along both the horizontal and the vertical axis. Our client was very satisfied, as replacing the gate would have cost considerably more.

Please text your gate repair photo to 713-206-4025

Dragging gate before
dragging gate after

Heat to Bend

If your post is leaning less than ½”, we heat the post at the bottom to bend straight.

Weld Plate

If it is leaning more than ½”, we cut 3 sides and bend and straighten it and then plate weld the three sides.

Additional Bracing

Additional Bracing

Some gates that lean in when open require additional “kick stand” bracing as shown.

Resetting Post in Concrete

Resetting Post in Concrete

Many gate posts are not set deep enough and are loose in the ground. In this case, your post will need to be reset in new concrete with steel braces welded on the post.

Please text your gate repair photo to 713-206-4025

Clean, prime and repaint

It is important to repaint your gate approximately every 5-8 years. We offer onsite painting for steel fencing and gates.

Every paint job includes cleaning, sanding rusty areas and spray painting with two coats of Sherwin-Williams Kim 400 quality paint.


Rusted Gate




Please text your gate repaint photo to 713-206-4025

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