Gate Automation Repair

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Gate automation for driveway gates can be extremely useful providing rapid entry and exit capability eliminating the need drivers to exit their vehicles to manually open the driveway gate. The driver may either push a clicker, swipe a proximity card or having a RFID reader to open the gate. Gate automation also includes items such as photo eyes, exit loops, safety edges and access control systems with intercoms or keypads. Sliding gates and swing gates are the most common driveway gate styles but technology is not perfect and can break down. Automatic gates can pose problems for homeowners in a variety of ways. Any gate automation failures should be addressed right away to keep the problem from becoming worse and potentially much more expensive to repair.

  • Swing Gate Automation:  An articulated gate opener also known as a pad mount operator system uses a two-part elbow joint connected to the motor of the gate. The arm protrudes from the body of the gate motor so space allowance is very important so it can move freely. The geometry of this system allows for a nice straight forward installation, but the system can be more expensive than other options. The longevity of this system is very good and is used for heavier gates and commercial driveway gates. The drawback of this system is a bit more obvious from an aesthetic point of view. This specific type of system should have maintenance on a regular basis. The control board should be free of any nesting insects to avoid any short in the electrical. A malfunction of photo eye can cause the gate to act up just as an obstacle obstruction can cause the gate to have problems. Call Automatic Gate Company to have a technician to diagnose the system and reset the board so your gate will work as intended.
  • Slide Gate Automation: Slide gates are considered by many to be the best option if space allows for this option. Slide gates are a better option especially when a driveway has an uphill slope, as a swing gate can strike the ground when opening on a slope. Installing a slide gate where the gate must travel up or down the slope is not advised as the motor will experience wear and tear unnecessarily. Slide gates do need to have the tracks clean and free of debris as this can cause the gate to operate slowly or not be able to open fully. Slide gates have photo eyes that can cause problems if the beam is not aimed correctly. The chain of a slide gate can also stretch over time allowing the gate to strike the latch post which in many cases causes the slide gate to reverse and stay open. Any problems that come up with your slide gate can be resolved with a quick call to Automatic Gate Company. We are experts at working on commercial gate opener systems.
  • Ram and Linear Screw Gate Openers: Ram gate motors push and pull a piston in the actuator mounted on your gate. Another similar gate opener is a linear screw motor that uses a threaded shaft to move the gate to open and closed positions. It is critical for proper installation of this type of gate opener as they can wear out prematurely. The design of the actuator is slim and allows for tighter space installations. A separate control box is needed for this type of gate system that is usually mounted in a proximity near the gate. A weakness of this system is the actuators can be forced open and many times a technician will be needed to reset the gate limits or to replace the damaged actuator. This opener system is usually a better price point for the clients.
  • Electric Gate Safety: Gate openers are moving a heavy gate, and this can be compounded with high winds. Always taking the winds into account is important when choosing the operator type used for the gate. Regular inspection of your driveway gate is important so safety issues can be identified as soon as possible. Photo eyes are an important part of safety as they can keep a car or pedestrian from being struck by a moving gate. Safety edges work well when the end of the gate makes contact stopping the gate immediately but remember that the gate does not stop until something or someone has been struck so this is helpful but should not be the sole safeguard. Many gate opener systems also have an auto reverse feature when the gate hits an obstruction. Having all these components in a gate operator system is a best practice.