Gate Openers

A good quality gate opener is important to having a reliable gate system.

Do not get stuck with an unreliable gate opener!

There are over 20 companies that build gate openers; however, based on our many years of experience, we only recommend two gate openers: the Apollo or the US Automatic. Both of these actuator type openers are child friendly and both will stop or reverse if an object is in the way.

These type of openers do not have dangerous pinch points like the older box type of openers. Both openers have the optional “slow down” feature which helps to prevent the gate from shutting too hard upon closing.

Another reason we prefer the long actuator arm on the Apollo and the US Automatic is they reach out further than any other opener. The further out on the gate the arm grabs, the better and more securely the gate will be held shut. As shown in the third picture below, short gate openers tend not to hold the gate shut as well, and, in many cases, can be pulled open 6 to 8 inches from the shut post.


US Automatic gate opener with 52" arm


While the US Automatic has been our favorite opener in the past, the new Apollo is now, in our opinion, the better of the two. It has a new, stronger shaft and the limit switches are better built and more reliable. Both openers are furnished with our smaller control box, custom built with thicker gauge steel and 30% smaller than the stock box.


Short gate openers are not recommended.

GTO Pro, Genie, EZ Gate, Mighty Mule, Lift Master and many others are, or have, short gate openers.
Many reliable gate openers are available. Don't get stuck with an inferior one.


Short Grab gate closer


 Solar Chargers

solar gridSolar charged gate openers have been industry standard for well over 15 years. They work well and are very reliable. We have installed well over a thousand such openers. If your gate is in an area that has no sunlight - less than 4 hours of sunlight in the gate opener location - we can offer you the same opener with a built in battery maintainer. However, the maintainer-charger will require electrical wiring to be run to the gate location at an extra charge.





Keypad Entry

For easy entry for homeowners, pool maintenance, yardmen, etc, we have several key pads to choose from to give easy access with a simple code of your choice.