An Automatic Gate gives you:


Protection for the FamilyProtection for Your Family

Stop, worrying about the kids or pets getting into the street or wandering away. One of the biggest benefits of owning a gate is protection for your children.





With a remote control automatic gate, all you do is push a button from your car or inside the house and the gate swings open at your command. We also offer several convenient keypads that are an added benefit to allow yardmen, pool maintenance, kids, etc. to enter the gate.  The code is changeable at any time.




saftey for allDon’t worry! Just like your garage door, each gate has an automatic reverse or safety clutch to stop the gate if a child, pet or car gets in the way.







Securityhinder the robbery attempts

With most burglaries occurring in the back yard or sides of a home, the strong deterrent effect of an automatic gate gives your family additional protection.

elegant gateElegance and Value

Whether you own a small or large home an automatic gate adds beauty and curb appeal to your home. When it’s time to sell you can count on added resale value.