Our gate opener systems, along with over half of the opener market today, are powered by a battery system.


This battery can be maintained and charged by one of three options:

Using a 5 Watt Solar Panel

Approximately 60% of our batteries are charged using a 5 watt solar panel.

This setup works well for areas getting over 5 hours of sunlight each day and is included in the price.

Using a 10 Watt Solar Panel

Approximately 20% of our batteries are charged using a 10 watt panel.

This setup is recommended for partially blocked applications where you might have 2 to 5 hours of sunlight each day. There is a slight additional charge for the 10 watt panel.

Using a Battery Maintainer

Approximately 20% of our batteries are charged using a battery maintainer. This setup works well for applications where there is less than 2 hours of sunlight at the gate location.

To install, we plug the battery maintainer into the closest inside plug and then run the charging wire through the wall to the outside battery control box.

Note: By plugging into a wall socket, no permit is needed and we can offer this service at a fraction of the cost of what a licensed electrician would charge.

Gate Opener System

  • 5 watt solar10 watt solarBattery Maintainer
    5 Watt Solar, sunlight at least 5 hours each day10 Watt Solar, sunlight between 2 to 5 hours each dayBattery Maintainer, required if less than
    2 hours of sunlight each day
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